Vaccination Requirements
We take the health of pets very seriously. In order to stay at Southport Kennel, we require all of our guests to have the following vaccinations. Please provide us with up-to-date copies of vaccination records for our files. You may either bring proof of vaccinations at time of check-in or have your veterinarian fax to our office at 864.585.1020.




Veterinary Care
Any medications your pet requires during the stay will be administered on schedule by our staff. In the unlikely event that your pet needs veterinary care while you're gone, we can transport to your personal vet during normal business hours or to the emergency clinic after hours. For urgent cases, we are a half-mile away from Palmetto Animal Clinic and have an established working relationship with their staff.

Chow Time
We proudly serve our guests Nature's Select dry food, a highly digestible, gluten-free premium mix that is effective in minimizing gastric stress. Cost for meals is included in your stay rate. If your pet prefers his or her own food, please bring it along and we'll gladly substitute it at no extra charge.

Unique Pets
We’ve boarded birds, pigs, turtles, goldfish, hamsters, and more. Want to add to the list? Contact us for more information.


What to Expect When Your Pet Boards

While your pet is with us

Most pets adjust to boarding easily but for some it can be stressful. They are in a new environment, surrounded by other pets that they don’t know, there are new sounds and faces. It’s very much like kids going away to summer camp.  Some never miss a beat while others are a little uncomfortable being away from home.

Pets react to this stress in different ways.  Some dogs run and bark for extended periods of time while being around other dogs. Some pets get very quiet and reserved.  It’s not unusual to see pets eat less than normal or experience diarrhea and other digestive discomfort.

All of these are normal reactions, and if it happens with your dog, rest assured he or she isn’t the first to experience it.

When your dog gets home

It’s very common for your pet to act differently when you get home.  The excitement of seeing you again combined with the end of a stay can cause behavior changes in many animals.

Dogs and cats may drink a lot of water when they arrive home.  This doesn’t mean they didn’t get any water when they were with us.  The panting and jumping around and general excitement of seeing you again leaves them thirsty and often they will guzzle the first water they come in contact with.  Be careful not to let them drink too much too quickly – this can result in vomiting.  The same goes for eating.  Pets who have eaten lightly when boarding may be hungry when you get home.  Try not to feed your pet for at least three hours after coming home to avoid stomach upset. If you must feed your pet before 3 hours, give him a very small amount (¼ of normal meal) and then resume normal portions at regular eating times.

After you pick up your kitty, try to keep her in the house for a few days before letting her outside.  This allows her to find that “at home” feeling more quickly.